Ceramics -- Porcelain, Pottery, and Glass

The Four Classical Seasons
Derby porcelain, Circa 1760.

R epresented by four standing Divinities each attended by a Putto. (Approximately 9 inches high.)

Worcester Cup & Saucer in "The Gold Queen's Pattern", Circa 1775.

A fine early Worcester Tea bowl and Saucer, Circa 1755, decorated with members of a Chinese family group.

Rare BRISTOL Tea Bowl & Saucer Circa 1770-1781, painted over-all with flower decoration and marked in blue with an "X".

A Worcester Cup and Saucer, Circa 1770, green ground and painted with spotted fruit. Blue crossed swords mark. No Restoration.

A fine Worcester Coffee Cup & Saucer, Circa 1770, fluted in shape with painted flowers and pink borders, enameled colors and gilt enrichments. Unmarked Worcester.
A Worcester Tea Bowl & Saucer, Ca. 1770, reeded sides in the Meissen style, painted in enamel colors with fruiting boughs on which a parrot is perched.

A fine
Worcester Cup & Saucer, Ca. 1780-85, fluted in shape with swags of fruit, an urn in the center, cobalt blue border & gilt enrichments. Crescent mark.

A fine
Worcester Tea Cup and Saucer, Circa 1770, fluted in shape with gilt enrichments on florals of a deep green color. Best Quality. Unmarked.

Worcester Cup & Saucer, Circa 1775, fluted in shape, painted in enamels with festoons of flowers, decorated with under-glaze blue and turquoise cailloute center.

A fine Flight period Worcester trio in the "Bengal Tyger" pattern, England, circa 1790. No restoration.

Worcester Coffee Cup & Saucer, Circa 1770-80, blue feuilles de choux overglaze decoration in the Sevres taste. (Faint star crack in saucer.)*

Worcester Tea Cup and Saucer Circa 1770-75, painted in turquoise colors in floral sprays and gilt enrichments. Best quality.

A fine large Blue and White Worcester Mug, Circa 1765-70, transfer printed with Parrot Pecking Fruit, cylindrical in shape. Crescent mark.(5 1/4 h)

Worcester Blue & White Teapot, Circa 1765-1770 period, "The Peony" pattern, painted and marked with an open crescent* (6 in. h)

Worcester Blue and White Tea Caddy and Cover, Ca. 1770-80, the "Three Flowers" pattern, printed and marked with a hatched cresent mark.


A rare Worcester Blue & White Water Guglet, Circa 1765, in the "Willow Bridge Fisherman" pattern.

A very rare Worcester Blue and White printed pattern in a Round Bowl, Circa 1775, an unrecorded form.
A very unusual Worcester Blue & White Large Oval Centre Bowl Circa 1775, "The Pine Cone" pattern and decorated with shells, fruit, butterflies and insects.

A Worcester Blue and White Porcelain Charger in the "Pine Cone" pattern, Circa 1775. 11 1/2 inches diam.

A Worcester Blue & White Round Fruit Basket in "Pine Cone" pattern, Circa 1775. 7 1/2 inches diameter.
6710. Same, 8 inches diameter.

A Worcester Blue and White Porcelain Charger in the "Pine Cone" pattern, Circa 1775. 13 1/4 inches diam.

A large Worcester Blue and White Charger in the "Pine Cone" pattern, Circa 1775. 14 1/2 inches diameter.

Two Dr. Wall Worcester Sauce Boats, Circa 1770-80, painted in the "Strap Flute Floral" Pattern
A Worcester Blue and White Cress Dish and Underplate in the "Pine Cone" pattern, Circa 1775. (8 & 8 1/2 inch diam.)

A fine Pair of Dessert Dishes in the Queen Charlotte pattern "Chamberlain's Worcester," England, Circa 1820. No Restoration. (7.5"d.)
A Worcester Blue and White Round Pierced Fruit Basket, Circa 1775, in the "Gilly Flower" pattern, 8 inches in diameter.

6499 - A fine Worcester "Queen Charlotte" Coffee Cup & Saucer Circa 1780. No Restoration.

All fine Derby putti, England, circa 1770.
No restoration. (4 in. H.)
(6526, 6528, 6498 - SOLD )


A good small Longton Hall Leaf Dish with floral decoration. England, Ca. 1757. No Restoration. (There is an original firing crack on the handle.)

A rare Dr. Wall Worcester spoon tray in the "Sir Joshua Reynolds" pattern, England, circa 1765. No restoration.

A fine Chinese Export Punch Bowl, Circa 1770, floral decoration in black and gilt enrichments. 10 1/4 inches diameter. No Restoration.

A pair of trumpet-shaped white blown glass vases with a nice flair. Height 15 3/4 inches. France, Circa 1860. No restoration.

An American Rockinghamware Covered Tobacco Jar, possibly Bennington, Vermont origin, Circa 1850. No restoration. (7 1/2 in. high.)

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